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tv   Action News at Ten on PHL17  WPHL  January 8, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> thursday nilingtd sbrip off a grand jury is recommending criminal charges against pennsylvania's top prosecutor the case against kathleen kane and a scene strawberry mansion has left a police officer recovering tonight while investigators say this man ran over the officer with the car. and the big story on "action news" tonight is the polar aprunth that sent temperatures tumbling forcing people to add a few layers to outdoor apparel. there is some goodness news.
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coldest winter is about to give way to bitter wind chills making it feel below zero. and we begin with m cecily tynan at the big board. >> well below deer zero and as harsh tomorrow morning and tonight. >> allentown 14. wilmington 17 and reading 15. you'll notice the wind direction shifted out of the southwest. and the winds are not nearly as strong as last night. last night wind gusts 38 out of the northwest with southwesterly flow. wind chill not as much of factor. we have wind chills in single digits and wilmington 7, reading 6, trenton 4. they're above zero. so that is much better than this time last night. satellite 6 along with action radar showing part of the reason why temperatures will be warming
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in the overnight hours we have winds out of the southwest and also have more cloud cover and that tends to insulate the earth. that said if you look just to the west of pittsburgh you can see snow showers beginning to develop and that's arctic boundary that will move through early tomorrow morning and that could bring snow showers mainly knowledge of allentown region and that will also bring us colder air on saturday however tonight temperatures actually will be rising. 7:30 tomorrow morning up stayed of lows in the single digits and wind chills below zero. we're looking at temperatures in the 20s. so it will be cold. not as brutal as this morning. and then finally tomorrow afternoon. look at this. philadelphia, 34 degrees. we'll briefly touch above freezing but again don't get used to it because colder air streams in behind that arctic boundary on saturday. so this is what is ahead tomorrow. a few morning snow showers again mainly far northern suburbs and
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saturday bitter cold returns for one day. we moderate on sunday. but monday i'm tracking possibility of rain and perhaps a wintry mix for much of the viewing area. i'll talk about this in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank cecily. >> let's go live to sharee williams 1 and walnut where people bundled up and sharee you used a tool to help them tonight. >> as if they needed technology to tell them they're cold. we found it anyway. we call this say thermal imaging cam are. if you see people walk by you should get a glimpse. it detects heat and coldness and helped us tonight show where heat is escaping as people are doing their best to stay warm. on a very cold night like this the goal is to stay warm. >> my face is cold. >> with our thermal imaging camera we can literally see who
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is doing better than others. >> oh, yeah i'll show you. >> the skating range near philadelphia city hall i snapped images to show people just how well they're staying warm. the bright orange areas show where there is heat but escaping quickly while the blue areas show where heat is trapped in. >> your image how do you think you did did you think warmer than this. >> definitely. >> amy was also surprised at how much heat she was losing. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh my gosh. >> what are thoughts when you see thermal image. >> i look cold. >> thermal imaging was a first for her. >> i never seen something like this cool different. >> with freezing temperatures and whipping winds weather can be dangerous. doctors say it only takes minutes experience frost bite. >> he showed me all of his layers and according to thermal layer. >> the brighter we see the colder those areas are.
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>> he's doing a decent job of staying warm. >> what score do you give yourself bundling up tonight. >> i give myself a 7. i could have done something with the ears. >> for those waiting in the cold air to catch the city bus dressing warm is key. we put alexis patterson to the heat test. >> wherever we see brighter colors that's where the heat is getting a way from you. >> overall she passed with more heat staying in than leaving and that's important. >> as far as thermal imaging goes you have ever done this before what do you think of this? >> this is cool i think it's cool. it shows people where they can improve on. >> speaking of where we can improve on, this is a shot of me tonight. so it looks like i'm keeping some heat in. of course i have to put myself to the test as well. there are of course many businesses still trying to garner business in this coldness including tevo restaurant 1 and
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walnut. they have the heaters going. but as you can see no tears. this has been helpful. we're live in center city sharee williams, phl17. >> charleen. >> it's nice to do the live shot standing there near the heat lamp. awesome, thank you sharee. >> "action news" learned late today that a pennsylvania grand jury is recommending criminal charges against the state's attorney general kathleen kane. charges which include purgey stem from allegations she violated grand jury seekcy. she leaked to a paper that involved head of naacp. in a state he maintained his client's innocence. saying "the attorney general has done nothing wrong or illegal own to my knowledge there's no credible evidence she has. he goes on to say she told the truth to the grand jury at all
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times. >> the attorney talked about today's developments. >> if criminal charges are brought against her whether she's convicted or not that pretty much ends her ability to do her job. >> the recommendations from that grand jury have now been handed over to montgomery county district attorney firman she'll decide whether or not to pursue the charges. firman's office declined comment today. >> the action cam was there as dominique fallen was taken into custody strawberry mansion. he ran over officer joseph cotler 32 and susquehanna. investigators say it started as traffic stop. he tried to grab the officer's gun and after a struggle sped off from the scene. "action news" reporter chad pradelli will have more on the arrests and how it all happened coming up at 10:30. >> dinner was disrupted when a fire broke out at bucks county restaurant this evening. chopper6hd flew over nerl
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lahaska shortly before 6. there were flames in the kitchen and it was contained to that part of the building. the restaurant is located in the peddler's village shopping complex. no one was injured. >> new tonight, president obama said he wants top make community college free for everyone willing to work for. it "action news" reporter dann cuellar joins us from community college of philadelphia in spring garden with reaction to the announcement. hi dann. >> how are you doing shirleen. for college students and families struggling with high costs of tuition this will be a conversation starter. the question is can it be done or is this just a pipe dream. >> hi, everybody i'm here on air force one just leaving detroit on way to phoenix. >> the president made announcement from cab and i board air force one in video positioned on white house facebook page the president puts ambitious proposal this way. >> put simply i would like to
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seat first two years of community college free for everybody who is willing to work for it. >> staff members say the president wants two years free who attend half time maintain 2.5 grade point and remain enrolled. >> everybody understands it's key to success for our kids in the 21st certaintyry. but we also understand that it's not just for kids. we also have to make sure that everybody has the opportunity to constantly train themselves for better jobs better wages, and better benefits. >> under the plan community colleges would have to allow kids to transfer to 4 year cools. federal funneleding would pay for three-quarters. states would be a quarter of cost. >> something we can accomplish and it's something that will train our workforce so we can compete with everybody in the world. >> and the whitehouse could not estimate the cost.
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maybe tens of millions of dollars a year. and house speaker john boehner's office says without any details or information the cost seems more like a talking point than plan. live at community college in spring garden dann cuellar "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> all right. dan, thank you. community college in radnor announced today it will freeze undergraduate tuition next year and adopt a test optional admission's policy. the change will start with incoming class this fall. that class is actually the largest in 6 years. tuition that cabrini for full time under grads is just under 29,000. >> a search is underway for award winning teacher that has not been seen since tuesday morning. 40-year-old christopher actually has been a teacher at middle bucks institute of technology for twelve years and was last seen in the 2600 block of south 16 street, actually is bipolar and has 23409 taken his
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information. if you have information call philadelphia police. tomorrow family and friends will say their final goodbyes to shane montgomery. there was a viewing this evening at st. john the baptist church in manayunk for the 21-year-old college student. shane's body was found in schuylkill river last weekend more than a month after he disappeared. his funeral is tomorrow morning at 10 also at st. john the baptist. >> and philadelphia police are trying to piece together an accident that left a pedestrian injured. it happened around 8:00 on aramingo avenue near ontario street in city port richmond section a car hit pedestrian and stopped at the scene the victim was taken to temple university medical center in stable condition. >> we've got a lot more to come over the next hour including a picture of what elvis would have looked like if he was still alive today. and you might not realize it but this cold weather is taking a toll on your electric devices. coming up at 10:45 tips from
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preventing your gadget from going dark. >> and fbi completed long-awaited reports on ray rice case. find out who knew what and when that's after the break and next the latest in the search for two suspects accused of killing a dozen people at sat ericle newspaper
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>> president barack obama paid respects at the french embassy today. after writing in con dole eps book the president stood briefly with head bowed before shaking hands with embassy personnel. meanwhile we're learning more about the victims of the deadly attack carried out on satirical newspaper today and the search is still on for two of the three suspects police say are behind it. abc's lona zach has the latest tonight. >> a massive manhunt is underway in france. searching for two men seen on on this get away tapech two brothers are suspected in the attack that took the lives of 12 people at at soot people at at people at a satirical in paris.
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they were on the u.s. no fly list. >> in many respects they mir reporter the boston bombing brothers. >> the one brother spent anymore in jail and one of the brothers visited yemen in 2011. >> these are orphans looking for family and want to belong to something and feel like they need reconvenient sglj paris the sparkle dimmed in city of lights and france vows to fight on even in their grief mourners gathered with pens in hand former editor of charlie abdu mourning his friends and challenging press and public to be brave. >> here in the united states this attack has reverberated president obama went to french embassy and signed a book of condolences and on social media jusui charlie has gone viral. >> fbi director robert here said
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nfl did not know about elevator video of ray rice hitting fiancee until made public. he was hired from nfl to investigate and said the league should have known it needed to dig deeper into the incident. and nfl commissioner roger gladle maintained he did not see the video. in the video you can see him punch jeanea she collapses to the floor and he drags her out and the two have sin gotten married. it's time for the accuweather forecast. let's send it over to meteorologist cecily tynan. >> it's kind of nice to have today over. today was brutal temperature-wise. morning low 9. record low was 2 in 1970. when you factor in the winds this morning the wind chill in philadelphia dropped all the way to 6 degrees below zero. our afternoon high didn't even hit 20. 19 degrees that's 21 below normal. i think this is interesting. we didn't even reach our normal
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low this time of year for the afternoon high. it's been brutally cold. winds are changing. winds are out of the south west and what this will do is pull in gradual warm-up as we head through overnight hours. it won'ting warm tomorrow. we're looking at temperatures in the 20s instead of single digit and these are wind chills now wind chills generally in single digits and low teens this time last night wind chills were dropping down be lee zero. everything is relative. satellite 6 and action radar showing we're beginning to see cloud cover advancing from the west. this is all associated with an arctic front and this has been bringing snow showers near chicago near cincinnati and this will be rolling through tomorrow morning and it does have a possibility of bringing snow showers. it could coat the ground in a few places. should be widespread. it could cause problems for the morning commute. what this will do is open door for another shot of cold air saturday. ahead of it tomorrow we have
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winds out of the southwest. should manage to make it into the 30s. behind it this weather cold air moves in saturday and saturday temperatures again stuck in the 20s. so tomorrow this is what to expect for morning rush hour. again few snow showers. bulk should be north and west of philadelphia. and a few could sneak into philadelphia and i-95 corridor and they'll be brief and fast moving and with ground so cold anything that falls will cause a coating very quickly. so just definitely be careful for morning rush our. call from accuweather tomorrow northwest suburbs morning snow showers and clouds give way to sunshine. high in allentown, reading makes it up to 32. pottstown 32 and downingtown 33. i-95 corridor clouds wiv way to sunshine. 34 in philadelphia. glassboro 35. west chester 33. down the shore 37. for cape may, 36, sea isle city and 3 dover. bear in mind windy tomorrow.
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wind chills in the teens and 20s. i'll talk about moderating temperatures on sunday and unsettled weather next week in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you cec. summer olympics are two years away and we'll tell you which city has won the u.s. bid and tonight's "healthcheck" a child's court battle over chemotherapy why they have th
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sgrvr the number of flu related deaths in delaware has risen. five new deejs bringing total to nine. all but one patient were over 70 and had underlying medical conditions. the state is also reporting 1,000 cases of influenza in the first state. at this same time last year there were 107. >> a 17-year-old connecticut teen can be forced to receive chemotherapy that is ruling of connecticut supreme court. justices say the teen can make her own medical decision when's she turns 18 in september. she's currently in state custody getting treatment. >> boston has been chosen as u.s. city in running for 2024 summer olympic games.
10:24 pm
we'll have to wait and see whether it happens. international olympic committee will not announce decision until 2017. they chose boston other los angeles, san francisco and washington and america's last two attempts to lands games ended in embarrassment 4th place fipss for new york and chicago. the last time we hosts was in 1996 in atlanta. >> it's time for sports. ducis rogers live in the "action news" sports septemberer actually it's jeff skversky. hey, jeff. >> what's up. flyers coach says he's not worried about losing his job even though he says his kids at home are wonder what may happen to dad if they don't start winning like tonight against washington capitols. trying to take it one game at a time. tied two and in over time vorachek shoots and scores. flyers win 3-2 in over time.
10:25 pm
it's their second straight win. it is a big one. >> there's no playoff talk out of sixers locker room and it may be that way for years. flyers struggling now lowest scoring team in nba. brett brown trying to get out of dodge headed to brooklyn where they play tomorrow night. sixers continue to shoot themselves in the foot. they're shooting terrible against milwaukee. three of the five starters combined to miss 29 of the 32 shots. >> right now we struggle so severely offensively incredibly severely offensively and shooting is number one achilles heel and how it impacts the defense is undeniable. >> hopefully they can
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>> we have more in the next half hour including a slithery surprise one woman got which she mrupthed a toilet. and cellphone batteries draining faster than normal. coming up 10:45 tips for preventing it and next more on philadelphia police officer drag
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>> here's a look now. the pennsylvania grand jury is recommending criminal charges against state attorney general kathleen kane. the charges include personalry and stem from aetions that came from violating grand jury testimony. she is accused of leaking to a paper that involved former head of naacp. >> a fire broke out this evening earl and lashaska in
10:31 pm
village. the flames were con didn't to the kitchen and no one was injured. >> president obama wants to make community college free for anyone who is willing to work with it. and the big story all week has been the weather. it is going to warm up just a little bit tomorrow. and don't get too sdilted. it's going to be chilly. here's meteorologist cecily tynan. hey, cec. >> hi shirleen. it will be better than today. today we didn't have 20. tomorrow in 30s. normal ss this time of year is 40. we won't be anywhere near that. live in sky6 looking at the center city sky line behind me and more clouds drifting in and temperatures not as brutal as this time last night. generally in the teens. temperatures in slatington 12. fleetwood 1 2. pottstown 11. st. daivdz 13 and center city currently 16. levittown 15.
10:32 pm
headed to south jersey it's 20 in vineland and 15 browns mills and 15 glassboro and delaware hockessin 14 and dover currently 18. wind speeds not only have they really diminished a lot in the past 24 hours this time last night wind gusts to 38 miles an hour. things also shifted last night and this morning they were out of northwest pulling down cold air. now they shifted out of the southwest. and that will bring up slightly milder air as we head through overnight hours. still ahead of wind chill factor makes it feel like 10 and nine in millville and 6 allentown and 4 then ton. this time last night wind chills were below zero. satellite 6 and action radar showing the clouds are beginning to build ahead of frontal boundary that will swing through mid-morning. you can see western pennsylvania is dealing with snow showers. we could have snow showers drifting through in morning hours and should not amount to
10:33 pm
anything much. could quickly cover ground and cause slippery spots for morning commute especially north of philadelphia. after this front slipz through clouds give way to sunshine and cold air lags behind by one day. so the high up to about 35. still certainly cold day. but a lot better than today. and then behind this system for one day temperatures slip back down below freezing. well below feesing and high 23 despite lots of sunshine and saturday very cold and sunday we will be clouding up and temperatures rising into the mid to upper 30s. call from accuweather for tonight will be a cold night. low ten to 17. that's where we are now. temperatures will rise overnight and the clouds will be thickening and between we could see snow showers early tomorrow morning. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast morning clouds give way to afternoon sunshine and cold but nothing like today. high of 35. that one day shot of polar air
10:34 pm
moves in on saturday. the high 23 degrees. and despite the fact we'll have rally full sunshine. on surprised, it clouds up a bit. but temperatures up to 36 degrees and monday we may get up to 39 degrees. but a system will bring us rain. perhaps a wintry mix norm of philadelphia we dry out on tuesday, partly sunny, 37, wednesday, 37 degrees and mixture of clouds and sun sheen and thursday tracking potential for bigger storm system could bring us rain or snow depending on the track with a high of 39 degrees. and typically when i talk about temperatures in the teens at night it's a big deal. after last night last night was really brutal. >> it was. >> not quite as harsh but still you want to bundle up. be careful. >> we go up from here. >> it's getting better. >> thank you, cec. >> christianne hilton is opening doors to hopeless on this bitterly cold night. they contacted a local shelter and said they would be willing to house up to ten people this evening.
10:35 pm
>> this say perfect opportunity to really bring them to help and let us take care of them as though they're very, very special people. >> a hilton spokesperson said he was moved to extend the invitation after homeless people were turned away at the hotel dupont on christmas a couple made a reservation and were going to surprise several homeless people christmas night several hours before checking in the hotel and cancelled out of security concerns. a philadelphia police officer is recovering after a wild morning. he was dragged by a motorist in strawberry mansion and had his leg run over. chad pradelli has more on what happened and where police finally caught the suspect. "action news" was there as philadelphia police captured dominique fallens accused of running over officer joseph cocha just before noon the chevy impala he was driving had ohio license plate that did not match the vehicle.
10:36 pm
>> they asked him to exit the vehicle and instead of doing so the male tried to gun the vehicle and spun on ice here. the officer then drew his weapon and ordered him out again. >> faxt lfallen refused to grabbed the officer's gun and hit the gas paedle taking the officer with him. >> he was run over by the car. we don't believe he has a broken leg but he's bruised up. > his partner rushed the 32-year-old to people it will university while a manhunt ensued for fallens he tracked down the vehicle to 2400 block of nap found the driver side window shattered and a short time later fallens was arrested around the corner and taken into custody. kochner is expected to make a full recovery. >> he's a five year veteran 32, engaged to be married this year. brother is actually officer 26
10:37 pm
police disstrict as well. >> the officer was treated and released from the hospital. as for fallens he face as texted murder and other related charges. chad pradelli "action news" at 10 on phl17. >> the montgomery county woman accused of setting her neighbor's home on fire was in court today. this is 52-year-old donna cross as she surrendered today she's charged with deliberately setting fire to detective ernie morris's home in lower pottsgrove. they were at disneyworld when the home went up in flames. prosecutors say she acted in retall quaition because she believes morris was involved in her son's previous arrests. an early morning fire claimed life of veteran. it started 1800 block roseland street in philadelphia logan section. firefighters found lee fletcher on the first floor. they rushed into the hospital and he did not make it up initial reports say the fire may
10:38 pm
have been caused by electrical problem. >> a man presumed dead after silo collapsed overnight in bucks county. 48-year-old tony gabrielley of tony town became flapped cement silo as the riverside silo collapsed. paced on number of factors including cold bucks county technical rescue say there's no chance he survived. osha is called and will investigate the accident. >> what honda did to get slapped with 70 million fine and plus a tragic story out of florida a man flows his daughter over a bridge and what people are saying about his behavior lead leading up to it and man calls 911 after wakes up and has no clue where he s whe ring ring!...
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>> failing to report accident and safety issues there were 1700 accidents deadly or caused serious injuries in the national highway traffic safety administration was never notified. the center for auto safety is calling for criminal charges against honda. auto maker says it's cooperating to fix problems in its reporting. a florida father is behind barsp tonight accused of tossing
10:42 pm
5-year-old daughter off a bridge. the police officer witnessed the entire incident. this is video of the bridge where it happened. st. petersburg police officer was driving home earlier this morning when a car sped past him. he witnessed this 25-year-old man toss his daughter into the water. her body was recovered. the suspect met to discuss the custody case and he was acting strangely. a sheriff deputy met with him after he felt happy and healthy he said so they let him go. >> clinic where joan rivers suffered fatal complication is getting more time to get the act together. they post phoned deadline for the yorkville endoscopy to unveil problems. they could lose accreditation. she died a week after she stopped breathing during a procedure she was 81. >> elvis pressley fans know what today is king's birthday. he would have turned 80.
10:43 pm
artist did age progression this is what he would look like if still alive today. he pass away 37 years ago and still significant cultural icon of the 0th century. >> this next story is definitely a case of drinking gone wrong. a wisconsin man woke up monday morning and didn't know where he was and called 911. turns out the 29-year-old was at the bar partied hard and passed out in basement. he woke up still drunk. >> i remember thinking about calling 911 but don't remember doing it. >> we have a gentleman who called our dispatch center and said he didn't know where he was but knew he was locked in a building somewhere. >> he used his cellphone to pinpoint his location. they found him in the bathroom one shoe on one shoe off and they told him he needed to leave and police say he did not commit any crimes just fell asleep after a night of partying. >> a woman mrunths toilet and gets a surprise. you get to see what greeted her
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>> bitter cold not only drains energy from our bodies but 'tis a toll on our electrics like cell phones. consumer reporter nydia han has details what you with do to keep them from getting dark. >> if you have one of these be careful like you may not like the extreme cold ninler does your smart phone. takes fair weather friend. what can happen ten your smart phone gets too cold. >> i was talking to someone and in the middle froze on me i could not clothes it open it or do anything with it. >> consumers complains about shorter battery life and software malfunctions and worse. >> in the cold weather my phone shuts down i can't make calls or nothing. >> apple and samsung reportedly have temperature guidelines. 32 degrees and above and store them powered off in temperatures negative four or above and
10:48 pm
maximum guideline of at tut of 10,000 feet. do not restart until warmed up. restarting prematurely could shorten battery life permanently and be careful if it has a crack. it can make it more sensitive. some complained about people shattering. best advice don't leave phones in cold places like parked car instead put them in your pocket if you can and if you count on phone in case of emergency make sure you keep extra power source with you. >> a number of companies sell texting gloves and mittens and this a number of cases that claim to be winter proof i'm any nydia han on phl17. >> your internet may be getting faster since to the fcc with a new standard for broad band. they want to minimum of 25 mega bites per second. they cannot cover high wallty voice data, graphics and video.
10:49 pm
>> time time for sports once again. jeff skversky joining us liver with the big board and big game tonight with the flyers. >> claude giroux is not sugarcoating it and flier's captain tells says it's not good enough not even close. for the record nine point out of playoff spot in halfway point of the season tonight. flyers trying to take down washington capitols and apparently coach is taking a stick to the head. that will leave a mark. >> shawn catorea off the rebound puts it home and tied at one and early third what happens here. shoots somehow some way beats steve mason back down one over a minute later nick off the boards right to rj up burger flyers live at 2 going to over time. jake vorachek shoots scores, vorachek who leads hockey in scoring scores a big win-2 fine
10:50 pm
nal in ot it's secretary straight. >> i deposit know i thought if i kept shooting and i got a lucky boubs. >> sixers well they are shooting themselves in the foot with thish shooting. we have worst field goal possess aming and three point percentage in the nba. sixers coach brett brown is remaining positive as he hits the road. sixers returned to action tomorrow in brooklyn. brown believes there's another person to why there's a low-scoring team in the game. >> we still don't pass the ball. i'm amazed they get along as well as they do off the court on a bus i'm going to walk in -- tlaez guys are fantastic i love coaching them. fy saw them play sometimes think you guys are reallyselfish. they don't know what they don't know. >> wow, clem hoops drexel ends
10:51 pm
stay came losing stream and unc wilmington they're 1-13. >> chip kelly's former team oregon is one win away from first national champion shm. oregon ducks face ohio state buckeye monday at the ballas cowboy stadium are players nerve us to play in biggest game of their lives. >> jitters before the game but in the game behind center when you are with your guys it's you and your guys. you're doing what you've done all your life. that eliminates the nervousness. >> finally laughing at your boss. probably not best idea. blake griffin and la clippers left with no choice after seeing owner dance to furingy. ♪. >> what is this? this is clippers owner steve
10:52 pm
palmer dancing to furingy. rocking that body all right though i get a feel he's regretting that today after watching the video. >> wow. >> what is this. >> i don't know. >> he was feeling it. >> would you dance like that. >> maybe. >> maybe. >> fans like to move. >> thank you chad. >> this guy may be 6' 6" tall and 290 pounds but this visit to the trolley car diner didn't come from milkshakes andburgers he came to meet fans and sign autographs. special one-on-one opportunity is part of trolley fund to help area schools. >> philadelphia d.a. seth william was among several people that attended ymca and philadelphia phillies and yocam campaign. they seek to raids 5.2 million
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. >> a woman noticed the water was high and figured she would plame her co-worker and grabbed the plunger and this is not holly's doing and i noticed something was calling out saw the slither
10:56 pm
of the snake tongue when i realized it i booked it out plunger in hand and screamed to my desk. >> and that's a giant snake that was hauled away and no one got hurt. >> she could have had a new pet. >> she could have. >> out of the toilet. >> i don't know that that is what she wanted. >> good she deposit sit down first. >> last night they were talking about the cold weather. that will be the case tomorrow. problem will be the possibility of snow showers. it will be cloudy and cold. arctic boundary will bring a few snow showers. not everyone will see them they could quickly coat the ground especially north of philadelphia. be careful there could be slick spots. it's amazing what temperatures in the 20s are not bad. this morning wind chills below zero. temperatures in the 20s. we'll briefly hit about 34. 35 tomorrow afternoon before we head back to 0s on saturday.
10:57 pm
little bit of roller coaster i ig t ove
10:58 pm
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